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Am I right in thinking with the engine running or not, you could actually move the gear lever to the correct position to select a gear, but when the clutch was released there was no drive?
It seems the gears were being selected by the lever OK, but no drive was being transmitted on clutch release.
There is only a mechanical link shifting the gears, from the lever to the box, so no electrical inhibition could happen due to water ingress...if you move the lever, the gears change, if the cables aren't broken.

If the flywheel housing had filled up with water, then there would be very little friction in the clutch to allow drive to occur...but the water would have to be quite deep for a reasonable length of time for that to happen! And it would have drained out again in that time after the immersion, you would think.

If it is OK now, I would just use it normally and keep an eye on it for recurrence or other strange linked events in the near future, and if all is fine forget it and avoid deep puddles!
If you are not happy though, go back to Mr Mini (again)

(Note to self...keep out of deep water in Mini...)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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