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Broken USB Port

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Waited four months for my new 2015 Hardtop.

Broke something in less than four days.

Go me!

Pin in the USB port is bent. I tried to bend the pin back myself, but it's really hard to get in there. Decided to give up and give the service department a call, but they want to charge me $150 and leave the car overnight just so they can "diagnose" the problem. Really? The problem is the pin is bent! Diagnosis done. It shouldn't take more than 30 seconds and a flashlight to see that!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've searched high and low for information about getting the replacement part or disassembling that lower part of the dash, but I can't find anything. Worst case: if I knew how to take apart the dash, I would have a much easier time bending the pin back into place, or I could replace the USB port altogether (I'm an electrical engineer - I'm sure it's just a small part connected with some wires to the head unit).
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Update for anyone who stumbles upon this post: my Mini dealer received the part on Friday (wait was 9 days). I picked it up, installed it, and it works! All is well =)
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Mine broke too and I didn't want to wait a week for a 5 minute fix so I bought it and did it myself. At least they sold it to me at a discount.
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How did you replace it? I am trying out how to do the work to replace this piece.
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