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Should we have a dealer feedback section.

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Can we have a DEALER feedback section

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Is there any reason why we cannot have a dealer feedback section in the forum as this would give a heads up to members who are interested in purchasing a MINI from good dealers plus it would give fellow members ones to be aware of or avoid.:)
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To avoid the legal repercussions why not simply highlight the Good dealers.
I used Broad Oak in Ashford in Kent & they kept me well informed, understood the Product, were at least able to negotiate some discount & although they've been quiet of late I've completed 3000 miles of marvellous driving without incident or need to contact them.
Of course the initial Sales pitch guy has done his bit so no surprise that he's no longer interested in my purchase so we'll wait & see how the Service guys do in due time.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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