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Hi all,

Just got my first Mini - 2016 F56 with 40000 kms on it! It's a beautiful car, BRG w black bonnet stripes. I love it.

What mount/audio setup should I use so I can have Bluetooth audio to my stereo (I have the 4line display). I realize this didn't come natively on this model/year, but I'm trying to figure out the best solution that I can get in Canada. I also, ideally, want to be able to use the steering wheel controls.

How's the Mini click and drive? Is it just a mount or can it be used for audio too? I've seen some of the usb/aux dongle things to create a faux Bluetooth situation, but I'm not sure it's quite what I want.

I've also read about the Cravenspeed mount, but haven't been able to find a Canadian doesn't solve the playing of the music either.

So basically what mount and audio solution do you recommend, either as one unit or two, that is available in Canada (and that, ideally, allows for steering wheel controls)?

Thanks all!
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