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Which wheels do you think would go better with my configuration?

  • 17" Silver Tentacle Spoke

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • 17" Black Cosmos Spoke

    Votes: 9 90.0%
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Nearly finished with my configuration and ready to order but can't decide on wheels!

Originally had my mind set on the 17" Black Cosmos, because I thought it would fit the color scheme a bit more...but I'm not too sure about it now. In some of the pictures of the Black Cosmos I have seen, it makes the dirt on the tires way more apparent and the black color doesn't seem to match up to the color on the cars mirrors/top/trimming around the wheel/stripes which looks a bit awkward. Way more glossier too I guess. Looks a bit less classy and more cheap but in certain pictures I love the way they look lol.

I'm also thinking of possibly going with the 17" Tentacle Spoke Silver wheels instead. I think it gives it a more upscale look and more contrast since Thunder Gray is already a darker color ...and I've been pleased with most pictures of them that I've seen.

What wheels do you guys think would go best with this color scheme on this configuration?

2015 Cooper S - 4 Door

Thunder Gray
Black Bonnet Stripes
Black Top/Black Mirror Caps (possibly the Dark Checkered Mirror Caps)
LED Headlights
White Turn Signals

I've narrowed it down to two:

17" Silver Tentacles
17" Black Cosmos

Wish I had paid more attention to the wheels when I was at the dealership the other day lol :(

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I have a deep blue with black roof and black stripes. I had narrowed down to the same two rims you selected.

I thought I had my mind made up on the black rims. I went to the dealer. The sales guy was great. He pulled two blue cars with the two sets of rims out and right next to each other. I ended up staring at the two different rims for about 30 minutes. After all that, I ended up getting the silver tentacles.

First, they both look great.

For me the deciding factors were:
* The black rims felt more modern and trendy for a younger person (I am 47).
* The silver rims looked more traditional sporty.
* There is a hint of silver (really chrome) on the car and the rims matched very well. I toyed with the idea of "blacking out" and if I did, the black rims would be a better fit (for me anyway).
* I was a bit worried about scuffing the black rims too.

I have had my car for 3 months and love the look of the silver rims.

Hope that helps... probably not though. :)

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I got 16 Inch black Wheels on my mystic red Mini with the black Roof. Love the Way the Car looks. The Headlight/Tail Light Rings are next on the List to be exchanged for black.:)

I do like the black Rims on gray.

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