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Car arrived with damages

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This whole getting a mini experience was really not great. I ordered back in June and the car arrived in August with cosmetic damages on the rear bumper. I was told that it was unavoidable for damages during transportation. But they say they will fix it. 3 weeks later a time was setup on a saturday to drop off my car at the dealership and a courtesy car will be there. I went there and I was told that there's no appointment setup, no courtesy car and they don't do repair on weekends because they need to make an appointment with the bodyshop and body shop doesnt open on the weekend. Okay... so it definitely sounds like the repair will not be done by mini but some 3rd party shop. The following monday the agent who initially arrange the time with me said there was some sort of miscommunication and told me to go again the following sat. Given that I know there's another mini service and parts centre on my way to work, I request to get my case transferred there. She said they are different companies so she wont be able to arrange a courtesy car for me. but they can have someone to drive a courtesy car to my workplace and swap the cars. I dont want my car to be driven by a stranger all the way from my workplace to the service place so I told her To forget about the courtesy car and just forward my case to the other service center. And now comes the problem which makes me think if my car was really damaged during the transportation or if they are the person whom had done the damage. She said it is the dealership who is paying for the cost to repair so it must be done through them. And she stressed that I only have 2 options, either go in myself or swap the car at my workplace. I am extremely pissed off by the way how things were handled. It doesnt make sense that the repair must happen at their place. A mini dealership is part of the mini group no matter who the owner is. Any inputs?
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Just keep the pressure on your dealer to make it right "on your terms"'s your car, you paid for a non-damaged car, so they need to step up to the plate! You can be nice but FIRM with the top person at the dealership also...demand to see the principal owner! That will get their attention....if not, they don't deserve to be in business!

They should not only repair the damage, it should be done quickly & right, and they should offer you something for your trouble, like a free set of floor mats, etc.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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