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I can share my personal experience. When I decided to buy AUX Link car adapter, I was trying to find the best deal and it's really much cheaper to buy it at the official website AUX Car Kits. The delivery took just four days. At first I tried to install it myself, but had troubles taking out the OEM car audio. I didn't have necessary tools, so in the end I had it installed in the nearest auto workshop. It took around 15 minutes. So far totally satisfied with the purchase.


- supports iOS gadgets, USB, SD, SDHC, MMC memory cards, but there is also a plug for other mobile gadgets (MP3 players, Windows-based and Android-based smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, PSP etc.).
- crystal clear sound
- you can use it as a charger
- with additional Bluetooth module works perfectly as a car hands-free kit
- music control with steering wheel buttons and buttons on the car head unit (really convenient)
- read all music formats
- delivery is free and fast
- takes very little space and doesn't spoil the interior
- now I can listen to all my favourite compositions without carrying piles of CDs.


- relatively expensive as I also bought additional Bluetooth dongle to use the adapter as a Bluetooth AUX car adapter
- couldn't easily take out the car stereo so I had to go to auto workshop

But all in all, I guess it's a good product. So in my opinion it's worth buying.
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