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A Mini rep told me that they only deliver to a few ports, NYC, North or South Carolina (I forget which) and one other. They said they didn't think they used Galveston as a port.

I ask because I live in Houston and I think it would be cool if it arrived in G-town!

Ahhhhh... the anticipation. My mini was ordered on 02-29-16 and I drove it home from the dealer on 04-28-16. So, 2 months. It should arrive at the port in Galveston, TX. You can track the ship it's on if you have the vessel name. Go to

By the way... you are going to LOVE your LED headlights with cornering lights. The BEST set of lights I have ever owned in my 30+ vehicles.

2016 Cooper S Hardtop 2 Door
White Silver
Cold Weather Package
Fully Loaded Package
Mini Yours Sport Leather Steering Wheel (the best I have ever wrapped my hands around!)
Universal Garage Opener
Chrome Line Interior
Black Roof/Mirrors
Roof Rails
Anthrocite Headliner
LED Front Fog Lights
Harmon Kardon Sound System (AMAZING!)
6-spd Manual baby!!!!!!!!!!

A plug for Mini. I traded in a 2013 BMW 328i that I was leasing for 3 years. The build quality on my Mini is every bit as good as my BMW, and in some areas better! The engine compartment on the Mini is amazing! Even the paint on the wheel wells inside are finished off properly with clear coat, unlike on my BMW. I am so impressed with this car!
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