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Cargo Net

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Does the cargo net you can buy at the dealer fit right into the std. storage compartment in the boot? I have 4 black round tabs on the sides that look like where the net may attach. Just checking before I buy one.


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Has anyone a list of all the missing stuff on the 2016 cars I noted the net , side sun visor, dash compartment , is there anything else that has been deleted as drafting up email to mini as my order had said I would have all these things on mine so will be asking them to look at sorting it out as they should have informed me they had changed this, not that im not delighted with the car that is was looking forward to have dash compartment that I did not have on our R56.
Also has anyone had any success with mini re goodwill gesture due to this, thanks Derek
Is that the part code for F56 ? as by pictures the hooks are on floor rather than in corners in our car? Or is the net stayed the same as suitable for F56 as well
Thanks Andy that's good news, did they manage to retro fit the dash compartment as well or did you get some goodwill gesture for it, thanks Derek
Oh well got my email back from Mini , fogged off for start re BMW Mini Germany making the changes and it was on configure system no it was not when I ordered ,so await a call back from Mini to escalate, so hopefully will get something sorted out.
Good luck's always the old "we reserve the right to change specs" answer......but what about the customer who is spending pounds on their products and not being informed........very basic customer service requirement IMO
Auto Express Watchdog here we come>:D
Thanks, I pitched it well I hope and was expecting standard email response , 2nd line will try to pacify me but my email makes it clear as I told the guy today when I called , my paperwork shows what I should have:)
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A Very nice lady from BMW called today and agreed with me and will be speaking with parts department to see what can be retro fitted and get back to me to resolve this amicably.
So here is hopping than can get it all sorted for us , not that I'm not happy with our new JCW that is.

Is there anything else missing that people have noticed and anything added I'm sure we have auto dimming RV mirror did not think that came with chilli pack?
Good luck with them Derek but you realise if you have autodim mirror you will have to pay them back as not in Chilli pack;)
Was in speaking to Jamie today and mentioned I had no c/net or side visor....but to be honest I'm not too bothered about them. I was actually looking for parts removed when aero kit was fitted but couldn't find them YET!!
I was trying to flog my plates for their demo:laugh:
I bet you don't want to sell that plate it was a steal at that price IMHO

This gets more confusing as mini site says we still get net on 2016 but one on top of compartment , also yes we have auto dimming mirror as manual one has to be flicked back and forward i thought the ADM was £150? oh well you are never sure so what else is not correct? not that im not pleased i have ADM:D
Has anyone a part number for the boot net on top for 4 metal eyelets as like Davo want one of that , and yes you are correct silly me no auto dimming mirror just made it twist the dome on bottom not a flick switch like some of the pics oh well nothing for free lol
Noticed the Pt No earlier on this thread for four hook top net - 51470010565
Might chase this up later!!
I checked that number out and it said for R56 , but i expect it will just be same net me thinks
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