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Since I don't have the storage package, I bought a plastic tub with a cover that mostly fits in the space and just about creates a flat loading floor. $12 at Canadian Tire. In it I keep cleaning supplies, California duster, umbrella, small compressor, flashlight, hand tools (screwdriver, vise grips, electrical tape, pliers, knife), emergency kit (first aid, solar blanket, candles, matches etc), small plastic sheet and an extension for the 12v outlet (in order to feed power to the cargo area if required). Sounds like a lot but I keep the items compact. The whole tub will lift out with a minimum of effort.

Beside the tub, I keep a blanket (picnics, dog, cold passengers etc) and grocery bags. I can still fit a couple of overnight bags and coats on top of this without folding down the back seats. If you plan correctly you can get a load of stuff in a MINI.

For those who want a more elegant solution Sewell has a luggage compartment that will fit any model of F56.
When I have some extra cash I might spring for this fancy compartment.

Honestly the car suits me fine in the luggage department because I don't ever intend on taking more than one passenger making the back seat area available for more stuff. With my long legs the seat behind me is only suitable for a dog, a small child or a very agile amputee.
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