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Had my F55 since november 2014 going well, loving the 1.5 petrol - fuel economy, performance all good.
Yesterday was a particularly cold evening and I saw a new warning message for the 1st time

battery was discharging

note in visual boast radio advised I needed to go on a prolonged drive and if this problem came back to visit a dealer.

I am not sure why this message came up but this morning it was not there.

Has anyone else had a similar event with their car and if so what did you do / find out.

please let me know
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Mine gave me this message this morning - took it to the dealer just now and spoke to the technician (no appointment) and he said he's seen it once before on another F56 - and the fix was a reprogramme of the ECU. Told me to book it in if it doesn't resolve after a long drive. Gonna give it a run out tonight and if it's still saying the message then get it in next week.
If anyone reads this, i went for a circa 50 mile drive, and the message stayed on even after the drive (engine off and on again didn't clear it). Left it overnight and came back the following afternoon and no message. So seems to require a bit of "off time" to reset the message.
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