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Also, make sure you check out the Octopus Go tariff which gives you a discount 4 hour charge slot (00:30-04:30) at 7.5p per kW plus a slightly inflated day rate (fixed for 12 months) currently around 40p per kW depending on location

If want I have a spreadsheet to compare single rate to dual rate where you enter you average annual electricity use and weekly mileage. I've just been adding the estimated uplifts for Oct/Jan but got scared and ran away.

If you're not an Octopus customer and think about joining get a code from an existing customer and you get £50 each

Thanks for the info ;)

:D I have a 100A fuse :ROFLMAO:

I also have solar panels I think they are 8kw so would want to make the most of them
Mini recommend the pod point but mite give that make a miss ! I do have a couple of independent firms coming to have a look but it is always good to have an idea of what I need 1st
atb Dax
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