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I have the OhMe home pro installed. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been having regular issues with the charging. I plug the car in to the home charger and I would expect it to charge based on whatever setting I have it down for. Whether that’s to charge in slot or max charge or whatever. However, that isn’t happening.

If I check the OhMe home pro unit, it takes forever to check with the car what charge it is on. Again, my expectation would be that the car would click back to the unit and see that it’s plugged in and therefore should charge. But no. I’ll get the occasional message via the app, ‘unable to communicate with car, assuming empty battery’, which in my mind says the unit and app recognise the battery is worn down and therefor needs charging.
Othertimes, I’ve gone out to check and it just isn’t doing anything whatsoever.
I shouldn’t be having to go out two hours later to check that the car is charging. Has anyone got any light they can shine on the situation?
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