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Chassis number and tracking!!!!

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Hey everyone!

I finally have a chassis number!!!! It begins with a 2A, where does this mean it's built again? Also what is the website address to track my order online in the UK?

Many thanks!

Extremely excited now
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That means its a Netherlands build!

Put it in here:

It's not tracking as such just info about the car.

There isn't a tracking function in the UK that customers can use, only the dealer.
Thanks profiteroles!!!
What does it say on the VIN lookup for this field:

I tried that link and when I type in my chassis number (beginning with 2A*****) it comes up with something completely different to your attached image. It doesn't say any details/ spec :L
Just found out that it might be because my car hasn't started production yet so that's why there is no details of my spec yet!
Hey - you said your build week is this week right?

Check from tomorrow around 3pm ;) you should be in for a pleasant surprise
Oohhhhh!!! I'm excited already! Thanks again, appreciate the help :)
My chassis starts 2A when I enter it into the site I get all my details (produced on 13/10/2014) but the Assembled in line is not present. I think 2A probably does mean Holland and I suspect that the Mini One delays we experienced were in part due to problems getting production up to speed in Holland (get the feeling that Mini Ones are being produced in Holland).

Some 2A cars could be shipped from Southampton as perhaps they were shipped separately to the UK and then added to a shipment from the UK.
I get the feeling our Mini One's are being produced over in Holland as well. Have no problem with that though, just assumed it would be produced in Oxford.

Will keep everyone posted on any changes :)
Logged on today and it looks like it was 'produced' today!!! Hopefully that means it won't be long now :D :D
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So when I log on now it says production date: 23/10/2014. Does this mean my car has been made now and is ready to be transported to the dealership? :)
My production date was 15/10 and I got the keys on 24/10... so based on that, you might have it by the end of the first week in November :D
*Jaw drops in shock* That would be such a great surprise if it was that early!!! :D
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