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Chassis number and tracking!!!!

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Hey everyone!

I finally have a chassis number!!!! It begins with a 2A, where does this mean it's built again? Also what is the website address to track my order online in the UK?

Many thanks!

Extremely excited now
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I asked the dealer concerning the 2 digit and whether this means its a netherlands build. His answer was the 2 digit which begins the chassis number is in fact OXFORD. Apparently its the digit 3 that relates to Holland.
Some MINI ONEs are built in Oxford. 2A designation is Oxford. My partner has just taken delivery of her MINI ONE and the dealer showed us the comp screen confirming this. Other MINI ONES are indeed from Holland with a 3A chassis number. Countrymans are also Holland.
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Countrymans (countrymen?) are Austria by a company called Magna, which subcontracts to BMW.

They also made the first generation X1.
I meant to say 'are countrymans also Holland?' Thanks for answering that one
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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