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Hi guys,

I'm Chuy from Jalisco, Mexico -The precise state where Tequila is made- I've been snooping around the forum for weeks now.

I decided to register just now because today I placed my order with my local dealer

It's a F55 Cooper S with the next specs:

- 6 speed AT
- In black: Roof, bonnets, mirrors and wheels
- Chilli package that in Mexico gets you:

Adaptive damping
Driving modes
Park distance control
Park assist
Half leather seats
JCW steering wheel

I assume the rest of the package is pretty much standard in every market? Rain/Light sensors, mini connected, led lamps, excitement, etc.

Yes, I do like the looks of the f56 more, but having to drive my 2 kids (one 13, the other 5) to school everyday, I just couldn't pass the convenience of the extra doors.

The best part? Dealer found in the Mexican network inventory a unit almost exactly as I wanted it! Even the interiors! The only difference is that originally I wanted a standard transmission, but after I took the test drive with the AT I found it really good.

Ok, the wheels were not black either, but dealer told me they could swap them when the unit arrived and I just had to pay for the change what I would have paid as if I had configured the unit for custom assembly.

So with all in consideration, finishing the loan paper work with the bank, moving the car from another city, I estimate I will be driving my new mini in no more than two weeks!

Glad to be part of the forum now!

Ps. Sorry about the long post. I would put a potato but I don't know how to do it
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