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Autocar recently did a survey that asked respondents, "What is the best British car of all time?" Though the competition was stiff, it was the classic MINI that took the number one spot on the list. Incredible super cars were no match for the MINI, a car that appeals to the masses.

The new MINI ended up in 9th place, even though its now built by BMW.

“It comes as little surprise that the original Mini has topped the list of all-time British greats. It’s such an iconic vehicle and represents a lot more than the British car industry; the Mini is associated with Great Britain around the world and, in many ways, it was ahead of its time,” Autocar brand editor Chas Hallett said about the results.

Here's the top 10. Agree or disagree?

1 Classic Mini
2 McLaren F1
3 Jaguar E-type
4 Range Rover
5 Yamaha Motiv.E
6 McLaren P1
7 Jaguar XJ220
8 Aston Martin DB5
9 TVR Griffith
10 Ford Escort Mexico
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