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so recently I've been looking at getting something a bit bigger and more practical but still quirky and fun and that naturally led me to look at the Countryman and the Clubman. I've found a 2017 Clubman Cooper SD that I really like, with all the bells and whistles in Lapisluxury blue with indigo blue interior and MINI Yours 18' Masterpiece wheels. The car drives like a dream with some cosmetic things like scratches and wheel curbs to be fixed, but mechanically everything seemed okay. It's also an automatic so that suits me really well too. 😄

Overall I really like the car and the price seems fair, but I really want to get some owner's opinions about it and more importantly how reliable is the B47 diesel engine? Are there any things I should look out for or that might break in the near future? Do you change your transmission oil if it's an automatic? The car currently has 80k miles for reference, which isn't super high, but I feel like there's still things that might break at this mileage... What do you think?

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