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Clutch slipping shifting from 3rd to 6th

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2016 f57 cooper s. Experienced this for the first time about a week ago I was shifting fast from redline in 3rd to 4th and the rpms stayed the same after shifting for a second like the clutch was slipping but didn’t manager to recreate it again after so just put it down to wheelspin. Tried it again today shifting from high rpm in 3rd at full throttle into 6th and it did it again. Is this normal or is it time for a new clutch? Drives fine otherwise and I’ve only had the car for a few weeks now so can’t say what it is for sure.
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The RPM staying high, making shifting from a low geat to a higher gear difficult is called "rev hang". It is super annoying. Not sure if a tune will fix it.
The tune has to specifically address that part, my tunes do (surprisingly most other tuners don't), as I've worked specifically to reduce revhang for racecar reasons.

However, it doesn't seem that the problem is revhang here.
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