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Clutch sticking down/occasionally spongy? You might need a new engine..

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As above. When I turn right in my MCS my clutch goes spongy and then won't come all the way back up. Showed this to the dealer who investigated and said that the crankshaft is moving and affecting the operation of the clutch when I turn right. New engine needed! My dealer has two cars in at the moment with the same issue.

That and the jumping out of first gear issue (fixed with a new gear selector switch) means the start of MCS ownership has been a bit rubbish!

Still mostly enjoying the car though!

edit: sorry just seen there is a thread about this in the main forum! Sorry.
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Had the same clutch problem as OP.

Bought my Mini Cooper S (manual) new from a USA dealer in March 2015, think it was built early in 2014. The clutch started sticking intermittently, mostly when shifting through turns. Eventually it would outright stick to the floor and refuse to come back, and I usually couldn't get out of gear without a lot of force on the shiftier.. Happened maybe 100+ times over a 8 month period. It usually occurred at the worst possible time, almost always on curving highway on/off ramps and stop lights.

Long story short.. I kept reporting it to my dealers service department, but we could never get it to repeat that when the mechanic drove (it'd do it on the way home of course) and they couldn't find the problem, so it never got fixed.

One day last month I took my car by the dealer for maintenance (around about 10k miles), and they told me BMW had finally issued a notice to hold the car and replace the engine. So they put a new engine in and I should get it back next week

On the bright side the dealer gave me a manual cooper while they worked on it, so it could have been worse.
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