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Clutch sticking down/occasionally spongy? You might need a new engine..

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As above. When I turn right in my MCS my clutch goes spongy and then won't come all the way back up. Showed this to the dealer who investigated and said that the crankshaft is moving and affecting the operation of the clutch when I turn right. New engine needed! My dealer has two cars in at the moment with the same issue.

That and the jumping out of first gear issue (fixed with a new gear selector switch) means the start of MCS ownership has been a bit rubbish!

Still mostly enjoying the car though!

edit: sorry just seen there is a thread about this in the main forum! Sorry.
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Yep now classed as a know fault with dealers mainly hitting cars built around August last year. I have now rejected mine and am awaiting a new car but there are more and more owners coming forward with this problem seems can start at any mileage and age depends on the crankshaft play. Think is you have a 2015 built car you are ok just early adopters lol
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