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Coilover options

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Hey everyone, I am looking to get some coil overs on ChimChim. I want to reduce the wheel gap, originally I was going with Lowering springs and use them until I wore the shocks and struts to death to save a couple bucks, I've since reminded myself that I am a buy once cry once type of guy. I also drive this thing hard so I'd benefit from the stability. I have seen a lot of good reviews on the usual suspects from end users but little to no data certain aspects of the product, ie longevity and commute ride quality. It'd be nice to know what people are getting out of their coilovers.
Any experiences with the below products would be appreciated, especially outside of the KWs which have many great reviews everywhere.

I have noticed that I can get a significantly better price shopping from sites in the UK and having them shipped. That's why most of the URLs I have included are in the UK….Also if anyone has had experiences with Demon Tweeks feel free to chime in. Thanks All!

Bilstein B14


Eibach Pro street


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Here is my experience, I have had many cars before, many times I went the "full throttle" mode and got "track spec" coils ... very expensive ones, very very expensive ones, they could be set inside out, for track, canyons and what not. Fact is, most often than not, it was "too much suspension for the occasion". For my MINI I went a different route, KW v1. Sure you can't set anything else than ride height, but let me tell you , they ride beautifully ! On normal roads, highway, and hideous mountain paths. The feeling is nothing short of amazing. No doubt these where developed on the "ring" where you better have forgiving and well valved dampers.

With good tires, these are so well behaved they even manage to give a more descent ride than the original sport suspension !

If you don't plan on hardcore track or AutoX your car every two days, and just want something that will compliment the natural balance of the MINI, go for something simple that you won't have to worry about ! set it forget it. As far as brand goes, I tend to prefer the feeling out of KW, than Bilstein, I can't speak for over brands though. But don't overthink it, possibility to fiddle with the suspension only provides more potential to mess it up if you don't really need it, or to pay for nothing if you will not "use it".

Function over form, and rational approach should help you narrow a short list of great options.
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The normal KW line of coils for MINI also have that indent ;) just in case people don't know.

KW v1 and JCW pro, are essentially the same product only the valving seems to be a little different, and the v1 has a wider range of height adjustment. Both are, in my opinion great options for well rounded, dynamic setup.
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