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Coilover options

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Hey everyone, I am looking to get some coil overs on ChimChim. I want to reduce the wheel gap, originally I was going with Lowering springs and use them until I wore the shocks and struts to death to save a couple bucks, I've since reminded myself that I am a buy once cry once type of guy. I also drive this thing hard so I'd benefit from the stability. I have seen a lot of good reviews on the usual suspects from end users but little to no data certain aspects of the product, ie longevity and commute ride quality. It'd be nice to know what people are getting out of their coilovers.
Any experiences with the below products would be appreciated, especially outside of the KWs which have many great reviews everywhere.

I have noticed that I can get a significantly better price shopping from sites in the UK and having them shipped. That's why most of the URLs I have included are in the UK….Also if anyone has had experiences with Demon Tweeks feel free to chime in. Thanks All!

Bilstein B14


Eibach Pro street


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I had DDC so my only option was KW (as they do DDC cancellation kits) and went for KW v1...

I had KW v1 & v2 on previous BMW's and they have been great compromise in sporting firmness and still have good (relatively) ride...

The KW v1 implementation on the F56 is a little firmer than on my previous cars so the ride is not as good although that might be more to do with them being a bigger car than the F56... The handling/road holding characteristics are great as you would expect from KW.

You could also consider the JCW Pro suspension which is made by KW and retains warranty which I've read is near enough the KW v1 but made to Mini's own specs..

There is a review of Bilsteins here
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One thing to note about KW (& ST too I assume) is that the rebound adjustment dial (with the option) is on top of the damper/strut so its accessible in the engine bay for the front but on the rear it cannot be adjusted unless you remove the damper unit which is far from ideal!
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I assume you have included additional taxes and delivery to the cost savings when importing to US?

I would also get in touch with supplier e.g. KW to ensure that they have an International warranty regardless of where you purchased them as sometimes manufacturers can be a bit awkward that it was not purchased through official import channels.
Well, I reached out to Nitron and they do have a kit on the way:


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That's interesting... I contacted Nitron after the JCW Challenge car was announced to see if was available to buy the suspension and they told me that they have an agreement with Mini that they were unable to sell the kits separately for the Mini F56 making it exclusive to the JCW Challenge car!

I noticed on the UK website that the kit is still not listed so wondering if the agreement is only UK based (as JCW Challenge was only available in UK)?
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