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Coilover options

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Hey everyone, I am looking to get some coil overs on ChimChim. I want to reduce the wheel gap, originally I was going with Lowering springs and use them until I wore the shocks and struts to death to save a couple bucks, I've since reminded myself that I am a buy once cry once type of guy. I also drive this thing hard so I'd benefit from the stability. I have seen a lot of good reviews on the usual suspects from end users but little to no data certain aspects of the product, ie longevity and commute ride quality. It'd be nice to know what people are getting out of their coilovers.
Any experiences with the below products would be appreciated, especially outside of the KWs which have many great reviews everywhere.

I have noticed that I can get a significantly better price shopping from sites in the UK and having them shipped. That's why most of the URLs I have included are in the UK….Also if anyone has had experiences with Demon Tweeks feel free to chime in. Thanks All!

Bilstein B14


Eibach Pro street


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i just put in my order for ST XA from Demon tweeks UK.
seem like a steal in comparison, galvanised and 2 year warranty
I havent ordered any yet, but i do have the money put away. waiting for a conversion to FTE at my work to go through, so once completed ill be slapping them on nearly immediately. I ideally would like the Bilsteins because of all ive read on them but i will need spacers which wasnt something i wanted to St or KW most likely.

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ill let you know how my ST XA are :)
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I wish the Nitron setup on the JCW Challenge was available aftermarket. Seems like no such luck at this point. Not sure what I'll go with. Summer is coming soon, though, so I'll have to decide sooner or later :)


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so much more choice and VFM out there than minis own recommendation.

all of them come with their own warranties if thats what your worried about
i had XP8 on the R55 clubby and found them horrendously dusty.. amazing brakes tho!

Good to hear you experience with coilovers.
i hope to take delivery of mine soon!
I've been looking at getting the ST XA coilovers for my 2014 F56 S, as they are currently the cheapest available at the moment(working part time and being a student means funds are low aha). Does anyone run them on their F56 S at all? What's the ride like, harsher than stock? How low do they go - dirt nasty low? Any pictures of them fitted to your cars?

Cheers. Cyph.
all in good time.
as soon as i receive mine i will do a write up
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Just a note:
Having just ordered the ST XA kit from demon tweeks.
They are NOT XA!!!
They don't make them yet and it's an error!!
An error that took 27 days to sort out!
They are just ST X. Waste of Fucking time
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Hey Jordan, You in the US or UK?

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Im uk my man
Welp thats unfortunate, i would have taken them off your hands and saved you the shipping hassle. I'm foregoing the adjustable damping.

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There doesn't seem to be many options out there at the moment for the UK, for adjustable coilovers.
I'm not into spending over £1300 on a set of KW which don't even come with camber plates.

I will keep these and get the car lowered, ultimately it will handle better and be lower so it fits the bill, I guess it annoys me that I thought I was getting a different product that's all
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That's disappointing, this is a chat I had with them on FB when I was about to buy from them. Obviously he just made that up! Ha!
tell them they are idiots, i compared my serial number with the kw and they are wrong.
then they checked and agreed its an internet error..

i have the names of 3 people i know now.. who had the same problem

On a different note.. the BC with adjustable damping are available for £750... so im in two minds to get a refund and get them..
What about them do rate better Than others? What other setups, lots of options out there so it'd be good to hear about others on the same car... less variables and all that

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Visually, lets compare to the ST A i have..

The ST A , have one collar for securing ride height.
BC have 2..
ST A dont have damper adjustable
BC do
ST A adjust like a normal coilover where the damper travel is reduced the lower you go.
BC, do not -

im sure harvey will tell you more.

I compare the BC directly with Meister i had on the R55 . Look to be the same bodies, same construction, same technology.
if i had known about these before i bought mine.. i would have BC right now..
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More options to make it even more confusing lol!
I just saw this too from Lohen,
How can demon tell us they don't have them and then Lohen somehow do!?
Was looking at ST X coilovers but after seeing BC's for £100 more, I have just pulled the trigger on these.
Will update and give a full review once they arrive!
I was lucky I got them for a steal, even though they weren't described correctly,
All fitted now I'll post a review
Hey mate, how are you finding the ST X's?
They are firm but for some feel like sport suspension.
I don't rub, or knock or bang or anything am im sitting maybe 30mm lower. Still have loads to go on the threads but I'm happy with the height.

The handling has been transformed and I no longer curse roundabouts since I can swing round them very fast. I do reach the end of the grip level on my tyres now so that's the new weakest link that needs upgrading. I don't have any body roll and have never bottomed out. I have driven them for around 1000 miles now since going away for the week with a few mini friends so are bedded in nicely.

For me I will add a strut brace for more stiffness as I'm used to my old Meisters

In all they are brilliant for the money, if I did this again, I would get the BCs because they have the camber plates on the front and the adjustable damping which is all what I'm used to.

All in all brilliant coilovers and I highly recommend them, 2 year warranty, built by KW. What's not to love. Once fitted and you have the desired ride height they are simply fit and forget.

I will do a how to install guide soon when I find some time
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Dos the suspension with electronic control you only need to change the spirings. It os totally enough for all conditions (road and track)

I add rear control arms and powerlex black both front and rear. Result is amazing ! No need to spend a money !

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With the new coilovers my rear wheels were sitting at -2.5degrees on stock arms, which is more than enough so no need to change them to aftermarket. Especially when the front can only be adjusted to around -1degree.
If you are running front camber plates around -1 or -2, then you might need a pair of rear arms on the bottom just to dial it out a little further.
2 pairs are not needed
Even if on track, a metal arm is the same as a metal arm.
I had -2.5 degrees on my standard arms and could go more but I reduced it to be proportionate to the front.
I think people get Hung up on modifying things they don't need to or think it will help.

Each to their own I guess
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