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Coilover options

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Hey everyone, I am looking to get some coil overs on ChimChim. I want to reduce the wheel gap, originally I was going with Lowering springs and use them until I wore the shocks and struts to death to save a couple bucks, I've since reminded myself that I am a buy once cry once type of guy. I also drive this thing hard so I'd benefit from the stability. I have seen a lot of good reviews on the usual suspects from end users but little to no data certain aspects of the product, ie longevity and commute ride quality. It'd be nice to know what people are getting out of their coilovers.
Any experiences with the below products would be appreciated, especially outside of the KWs which have many great reviews everywhere.

I have noticed that I can get a significantly better price shopping from sites in the UK and having them shipped. That's why most of the URLs I have included are in the UK….Also if anyone has had experiences with Demon Tweeks feel free to chime in. Thanks All!

Bilstein B14


Eibach Pro street


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Thanks folks. im wanting to stay under 1500 installed. My install will be 350 or less so i have about 11-1200 to play with. Looks like i can almost get into the V2s for that amount from the UK. I may go with the STs because of the assumed quality being KW valving and very attractive pricing. As much as i think i want to be able to adjust damping i dont know how much i would ever mess with it at this point, it may be a feature lost on me for a premium i could use elsewhere.

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Demon tweeks is a well known supplier for parts here in the U.K. too so you shouldn't have any problems with ordering from them!
Thanks for that, this was a big concern for me as ordering from another country always runs the risk of customer service trouble that ate hard top resolve being across the big drink.

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I assume you have included additional taxes and delivery to the cost savings when importing to US?

I would also get in touch with supplier e.g. KW to ensure that they have an International warranty regardless of where you purchased them as sometimes manufacturers can be a bit awkward that it was not purchased through official import channels.

Thanks for the heads up on the Warranty query, would have had no idea. I did check on the Import taxes, looks like 2.5% duty and whatever my state tax is depending on applicability of the part, some parts are and some arent taxed from what I read on customs page, I assume this is if you purchase from a merchant on US soil or direct, I'm just speculating at this point. Below is the link I used to find the rates. For the KWs and STs its totally worth to pay the duty as there is 600 dollar premium to buy them here, 600!! I'll save a minimum of 400 buying them from the old world, after taxes and shipping. I stay local when I can, if I can keep my extra cost below 200 bucks, but when we are over that then I go with cost savings....
Did you ever end up ordering your Coilovers? I've just put an order in for the Eibach Pro Street S Coils. Being fitted early in March once the arrive from Germany. Can't wait.
I havent ordered any yet, but i do have the money put away. waiting for a conversion to FTE at my work to go through, so once completed ill be slapping them on nearly immediately. I ideally would like the Bilsteins because of all ive read on them but i will need spacers which wasnt something i wanted to St or KW most likely.

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Something to think about... manufacturers generally have set margins they try hit for their products, else it's not worth it to them to put the R & D into making them. If you have $1000 for a suspension setup, which do you think has better internal components, has more R & D into them, and will spring/dampen your car better? A $1000 setup with ride height adjustment as well as lots of knobs for separate rebound and compression adjustments or a basic strut replacement with no adjustments at all that costs $1000 as well?

If you aren't tracking the car the adjustments generally aren't needed and to be honest, most folks don't know what those knobs do. By playing with them they can make things worse. Also, on cheaper coilovers, they don't do much (see profit margin statement above). Name brands like KW and Bilstein and tried and true and generally pretty spot on for aggressive street driving with street tires (Bilsteins have lifetime warranty as well). I have the F56 JCW with ride height adjustable (only) JCW Pro suspension (made by KW) and I find them wonderful for a balance of comfort and aggressive driving:

MINI designed the JCW PRO coilovers to have a notch manufactured in them for wheel clearance as well.
The video is great, i noticed the camera didnt really display to much pitch in heavy turns. Are you using any other suspension components outside of the coilovers for rigidity? Sway bars, strut brace, etc.

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Just a note:
Having just ordered the ST XA kit from demon tweeks.
They are NOT XA!!!
They don't make them yet and it's an error!!
An error that took 27 days to sort out!
They are just ST X. Waste of Fucking time
Hey Jordan, You in the US or UK?

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Welp thats unfortunate, i would have taken them off your hands and saved you the shipping hassle. I'm foregoing the adjustable damping.

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The only thing that put me off was the fact even with adjustable dampers they're cheaper than most Coilovers options without adjustable damping, which made me question the quality of them. Although I've only heard good things about them!
I heard both, was on a VW forum and the fitting was being scrutinized, same with BMW but they seemed to think the valving was crap. Lastly i saw a Nissan forum that had nothing but good to say, only complaint was how low they went or didnt go actually

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Having tried a few different set-ups on the f56 I really rate the bc' the only thing I will change them for is kw clubsports when I have the money.
But that's not for a while.

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What about them do rate better Than others? What other setups, lots of options out there so it'd be good to hear about others on the same car... less variables and all that

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More options to make it even more confusing lol!
Saw that on their IG today. I need someone in the US to get the Xs and I'll be good to go.

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