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Only 2 more hours to go before I collect my F56 Mini Cooper S.

Spec is :
2016 Mini Cooper S.
Thunder Grey.
White Roof and Mirrors.
18" Cone alloys in sliver.
Chilli Pack.
Media XL Pack.
Tech Pack.
JCW Tuning Kit (Bluetooth exhaust with remap) with Carbon Tips.
Harmon Kardon.
Adaptive Dampers.
Heated Front Screen.
Smokers Pack (I'm a non smoker btw)
LED Headlights.
Rear Camera.
Red Interior Trim Detailing.
Anthracite Headlining.
And a couple of others I can't quite recall now.

Coming from a 2015 BMW M135i with the M-Performance exhaust and JB4, there was no way I could not go for the JCW exhaust and power upgrade on the Mini, ok so it will be a little over half the power of my M135i, but the one thing where the Mini has the BMW licked is in the fun department. And no matter how much power a car makes, it cannot make up for the lack of fun it provides, which is why I've traded the BMW in after only 1 year.

I cannot give Cooper Mini Durham enough praise either, every single stage of the buying process has been a genuine joy. I simply could not have asked for anything more from them.

As soon as I get some photos I will update this thread, along with the first impressions of the car. The plan is to pick it up from the dealership and head straight over the Hartside Pass and give it a good work out.... B*llocks to this sympathetic running in nonsense!!
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Thought it about time I updated this thread with a couple of photos.

Car has only done approx 1700 miles since collection due to me riding my motorbike most of the time.
Photos taken just after it had received a full paintwork correction and SiRamik Diamas Professionali coating.


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