Hey everybody, as the title states. I'm a Mechanical Engineering student at Clemson University, I'm trying to see if there's anyone who is reverting to stock, or sitting on parts they don't need. I'm not gonna be picky, obviously, being on a budget does that to you. I have a 2019 Cooper S with a factory JCW exhaust/tune. Ideally I'd love to find an eventuri intake to start! (though I know that may not happen)

What I'd be interested in:
-Sway bars/End links
-Intake/Intake hardpipe
-Intercooler/Charge pipes
or truly anything that you have.

My budget can't go too far, and I'll be completely honest and down to earth with you with what I can and can't afford, or what I'm willing to pay. I'm in the Clemson, SC area. Truthfully, my buddy just got wheels/tires/lowering springs on his FBO Type R, and I want in on some of the modding fun!!

Edit: To clarify, for my first round of mods, I'd like to spend $1k or less, I'm just trying to see what going used could do for me in that budget. Trying to make it go as far as possible.