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Color Conundrum

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Time to make my final decision fora JCW order. Color choice has been my biggest issue as I have history with Minis and want to pick the right combination. Below are my options ... appreciate your inputs:

- Pepper White / Chili Red ... my personal favorite, but no history

- Chili Red / White ... matches the vintage race car I ran for years and is true to the Monte Carlo winning Minis of the 60's ... also matches the flame trim of the 90s

- Rebel Green / White ... matches the WC50 colors and the 1960's racing cars ... also matches the 1990 "Racing Green" special that my wife had and loved ... also is the classic JCW combination

- Rebel Green / Red ... looks great but no history other than looks great

- White Silver / White ... no history, but beautiful combination

Appreciate your inputs ... need to make a final decision soon.
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Rebel Green/Red looks like a Xmas Tree on Wheels too me. My Dealer had one in there used car lot not my cup of tea.

My 1st choice would be pepper/red they car looks great in that combo imho
2nd moonwalk/black moonwalk white
3rd rebel green/white

I guess I am no help either....:D:D:D
Pah, no taste... Rebel Green is very dark, looks almost black in low light. Lovely colour, especially with a red roof.

There are a lot of white/red combo's out there, agree that red with white, & BRG with whte are classics, but this is a new mini, you need to make history, not stick to it... >:D
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The best thing is go to the dealer and look at all there cars/colors. I built several Mini,s on the site and liked a color than went to the dealer and I was not impressed with the color when I looked at the car in the sun. Play it safe nothing worse than picking up your new Mini and not been happy with the color you picked.
Have to agree with this. When I first saw my Lapis/Red JCW I wasn't 100% sure, it was a stock car that had been ordered for the showroom and was in their holding garage. So I asked the Sales Manager if they could get it out in the sun, and once it lit up I knew I had to have it...
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I never use my DDC. It's set in the middle for all modes, but if I'm honest, I can't tell the difference when it's on the harder setting....
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Coming from an M135, that 6 pot makes a fantastic noise, but the BMW did get a bit boring, sort of a one trick pony; very quick at the traffic light GP, but it never gave me the feel of my old JCW.

The biggest problem with Mini's is that you can work out all of the spec, but the colours are the biggest challenge. It took me a long time at the dealers to eventually go for Lapis/Red, as there's not many of them around.

Whatever option you go for, it will look great....
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