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Color Conundrum

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Time to make my final decision fora JCW order. Color choice has been my biggest issue as I have history with Minis and want to pick the right combination. Below are my options ... appreciate your inputs:

- Pepper White / Chili Red ... my personal favorite, but no history

- Chili Red / White ... matches the vintage race car I ran for years and is true to the Monte Carlo winning Minis of the 60's ... also matches the flame trim of the 90s

- Rebel Green / White ... matches the WC50 colors and the 1960's racing cars ... also matches the 1990 "Racing Green" special that my wife had and loved ... also is the classic JCW combination

- Rebel Green / Red ... looks great but no history other than looks great

- White Silver / White ... no history, but beautiful combination

Appreciate your inputs ... need to make a final decision soon.
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Agree .. Rebel Green / Red is out. Great look, but not for me.
I have a fair amount of history with Mini, some of which is very emotional:
- 1964 MCS vintage race car (Red/White) ... classic and huge fun
- 1990 Mini Racing Green (BRG/White) ... drove all over the BENELUX countries/Germany/etc.
- 2006 MINI Cooper (Royal Gray/Silver) ... really nice color ... beautiful car
- 2009 MINI Cooper S Clubman (Sparkling Silver/Black) ... still have it ... very nice car

One thing I really want is a combination that is not common , but is distinctive. Thoughts on my short list:
- Pepper White/Red ... love the combination, but fairly common ... it is my personal favorite
- Chili Red/White ... great combination, classic Mini, not seen any other JCWs in this combination ... MC40 tribute ... wolf in sheep's clothing ... not to mention, very pretty
- Rebel Green/White ... MC50 tribute with right options ... classic Mini ... great color (reminds me of my 1964 Cortina GT)
- White Silver/White ... very unusual, but very classy ... there is a local MCS with this combination ... it is awesome

I do like the greys and blacks as well ... the car looks awesome in the dark colors. Tough decision, but getting close. Just wish the interior options were as diverse.
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Part of the problem is that almost all of the combinations look great.

Meeting with my local (60 miles away) dealer this weekend. Asked to drive JCW with sports suspension, and any car with DDC. Also asked for extended test drive ... waiting for approval for that ... very disappointed if not since we have bought two cars from them in the past.
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The real objective is to finalize suspension choices, seats, and color options. They have a good selection so, hopefully, I can narrow my choices. Of course, I could end up even more confused. Wish me luck!
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Talk about perfect timing ... the dealership was practically empty this morning, so I was able to get a lot of time to go over options. I was able to drive three cars over a range of road surfaces, on the same route back-to-back so it was easy to discern the differences. Also, they had several of the colors options I am considering, so that was perfect as well. All-in-all, I had almost three hours of personal attention. Impressions:

- Colors: They had both Chili Red/White and Pepper White/Red on hand ... both favorites. They also had Rebel Green/Red as well, but that was a bit much ... at least according to my wife. They had a pure Pepper White as well, which was very nice. Looked at all of the colors, so I should be able to narrow down my final choice soon.

- Sport Suspension vs DDC: Drove both back to back. Both cars had 17" wheels so it was a good comparison. Neither were harsh, even on bricks and rough pavement. However, since I live in FL and twisty roads are rare, I think the DDC wins out for my use and environment. It was noticeably smoother over rough patches in Normal mode, and plenty tight in sport mode (in fact, pretty close to sport suspension in feel).

- The bonus: They had a used BMW M235i on the lot (traded in on a JCW), so I took the opportunity to drive it as well since my primary non-Mini option is the M240i. Very nice car, great engine, but almost too normal after driving two MINIs. On the same roads with normal traffic, I have to admit that the MINI was just a lot more fun.
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Coming from an M135, that 6 pot makes a fantastic noise, but the BMW did get a bit boring, sort of a one trick pony; very quick at the traffic light GP, but it never gave me the feel of my old JCW.
Sadly, the M235i made almost no noise. You could hear a bit on hard acceleration, but the salesman pointed out that it was all synthesized. That was a real disappointment because I know how good they can sound ... or how they used to sound.
Sound is important. My Z3M Coupe had a great growl and my E39 M5 has just enough attitude to be righteous. Really disappointed in the M235i ... seemed way too sterile after driving a JCW and MCS.
Down to three combinations:
- Chili Red / White
- Rebel Green / White
- Pepper White / Red
Final home vote is: Rebel Green / White
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