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Color Conundrum

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Time to make my final decision fora JCW order. Color choice has been my biggest issue as I have history with Minis and want to pick the right combination. Below are my options ... appreciate your inputs:

- Pepper White / Chili Red ... my personal favorite, but no history

- Chili Red / White ... matches the vintage race car I ran for years and is true to the Monte Carlo winning Minis of the 60's ... also matches the flame trim of the 90s

- Rebel Green / White ... matches the WC50 colors and the 1960's racing cars ... also matches the 1990 "Racing Green" special that my wife had and loved ... also is the classic JCW combination

- Rebel Green / Red ... looks great but no history other than looks great

- White Silver / White ... no history, but beautiful combination

Appreciate your inputs ... need to make a final decision soon.
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BRG and white roof or Rebel green and white roof or Red and white roof = elegant colors and all very classic MINI

Midnight black and red roof = color is very nice but difficult to keep clean

Rebel green or Lapisluxury with red roof = color a little too flashy / too much contrast

Electric blue or Volcan orange and white roof or black roof = quite rare colors and should appeal to first visual impact

White silver and white roof or black roof = elegant or White silver and red roof = elegant and sporty

Pepper white and red roof = simple and sporty (very similar to the previous)

Melting silver and Moonwalk grey = colors that did not convince me much

and finally here is the choice: THUNDER GREY and red roof (elegant and sporty) =
dark but not too bright, more or less depending on the sunlight or artificial light, exclusive color MINI that recalls the sports version of the MINI GP2.

Within a few days it should be tagged and brought home ...

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I fell in love with the black lights rings. And still has not come home the JCW...
Between Pepper White & Chili Red or White Silver & Chili Red I definitely prefer the second ! Although I prefer dark colors, than light colors for JCW.
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Among the 3 colors, I choose Rebel Green & White Roof

This is the JCW to a friend of mine (the Italian Forum: megamini)

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Final home vote is: Rebel Green / White
;) Very, very, very well :D
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