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Color Conundrum

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Time to make my final decision fora JCW order. Color choice has been my biggest issue as I have history with Minis and want to pick the right combination. Below are my options ... appreciate your inputs:

- Pepper White / Chili Red ... my personal favorite, but no history

- Chili Red / White ... matches the vintage race car I ran for years and is true to the Monte Carlo winning Minis of the 60's ... also matches the flame trim of the 90s

- Rebel Green / White ... matches the WC50 colors and the 1960's racing cars ... also matches the 1990 "Racing Green" special that my wife had and loved ... also is the classic JCW combination

- Rebel Green / Red ... looks great but no history other than looks great

- White Silver / White ... no history, but beautiful combination

Appreciate your inputs ... need to make a final decision soon.
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I went with pepper white/red roof, but as mentioned it seems to be a "common uncommon" color for the jcw. I also have the base seats and offwhite interior package which helps to tie it together a bit more. I mostly went with that combo because it was a lot car, but my larger concerns were interior and option related which it met almost exactly.

If I was doing it again I'd probably do white silver/red w/jcw stripes, but with the jcw stripes the pepper white/red looks pretty good. It does look clean and somewhat interesting with no stripes though..

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Part of the problem is that almost all of the combinations look great.

Meeting with my local (60 miles away) dealer this weekend. Asked to drive JCW with sports suspension, and any car with DDC. Also asked for extended test drive ... waiting for approval for that ... very disappointed if not since we have bought two cars from them in the past.

I was wanting to drive both the DCC and particularly the sports suspension. All said and done I was never able to drive a DCC jcw due to lack of availability, but after the drive in the sports suspension I was sold. I don't think I'm missing too much in the name of comfort and I feel like you may have more body movement. I do think you may notice the smaller sway bars on the DCC, I can't get over just how flat the sport suspension handles.

I thought it had just the right amount of compliance and control without being too stiff, coming from h&r supersports on my gti which were certainly too stiff (like a mine cart). The chassis tuning on the jcw is just fantastic, I knew it was what I was looking for once I grabbed it by the neck and tossed it into a roundabout.

A coworker has a new '17 wrx and he said the jcw was more plush and comfortable. Chassis tuning is everything, no lipstick on a pig with this car.

I hope they give you the extended drive, odds are good you would want it after that.
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