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Color Conundrum

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Time to make my final decision fora JCW order. Color choice has been my biggest issue as I have history with Minis and want to pick the right combination. Below are my options ... appreciate your inputs:

- Pepper White / Chili Red ... my personal favorite, but no history

- Chili Red / White ... matches the vintage race car I ran for years and is true to the Monte Carlo winning Minis of the 60's ... also matches the flame trim of the 90s

- Rebel Green / White ... matches the WC50 colors and the 1960's racing cars ... also matches the 1990 "Racing Green" special that my wife had and loved ... also is the classic JCW combination

- Rebel Green / Red ... looks great but no history other than looks great

- White Silver / White ... no history, but beautiful combination

Appreciate your inputs ... need to make a final decision soon.
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Out of your choices, Pepper White with red would be my favorite. I only wish MINI offered Pure White on the hardtops.
I had an E46 M3 and later a Z4MCoupe, both with the S54 naturally aspirated motor and they sounded like God's Own Chorus. The newer turbo'd ones no longer have that raspy metallic sound. Other cars I've owned that sounded great all the time were an Audi TT-RS with the 5 pot, and the car I traded in for my JCW, a 991 Carrera with the 3.4 flat six and manual.
I will say the new JCW has a nice growl, fitting for the car without being droning.
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