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Comfort Access: Does not lock on first button press after driving

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Hello, I hope this is just a simple answer of something I'm overlooking. I have an F32 BMW and E92 and I'm familiar with Comfort Access systems on those vehicles. Grab the handle, the doors unlock. Press the thumb area, doors lock.

However, on the F56 there's only one button for both functions.

Every time I want to open the F56, it does so without issue. Press the button, all doors unlock (as I have set).

What's peculiar is when I want to lock the F56 after driving the vehicle. Put the car in park, turn off the engine, exit the vehicle, close the door, press the Comfort Access button on the door handle... The doors unlock. To lock the doors, I have to wait roughly 3 more seconds and push the Comfort Access button again on the door handle.

My expectation is that the doors would lock at this point as it's the next logical step in the cycle of the Comfort Access system, since I entered the vehicle using Comfort Access and the doors successfully unlocked.

I just read through the user manual, and didn't find anything that stands out here. Is it just a software update that's necessary for the vehicle, or do I need to reset my expectations of how the Comfort Access system works?
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I have the same problem. When I setup the system to unlock both sides with comfort access, I had the problem if a passenger didn't open the passenger's door before I locked it from the outside. If I am alone, I have the 2 button press with a delay in between. I changed the setting to drivers side only and it works as expected. If you think the way they programmed it, it is like you are in the driver's seat and have someone who wants to enter the car from the passenger's side and you decide to get out of your car and press the comfort access button to unlock their door instead of just using the unlock button inside the car. It makes no sense. I hope they decide to see the error of their ways and make an update that we can receive later. I had a Fiat 500L before this car and I learned to live with its quirky problems, but I expect Mini to be way better, and for the most part, it is way better than the 500L.
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One last observation on this topic. I now have it setup to unlock both doors with the comfort access button. Since I tinted my windows, it is hard to see if the doors are locked or not, so before I get out of my car when I am alone, I unlock the door inside with the inside button, then when I get out and press the comfort access button on the door handle, it locks the doors with the first press. It is so much better when I unlock from the inside first.
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