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This doesn't surprise me either. I'm like you Annette..glad mine is a 2015 with some of the features that may have been eliminated..if my JCW ever gets built! Getting close I bet...another week or so hopefully.....mine better have the rear fog light! :)
We got word from our dealer on June 4th that our MINI had arrived, Here is a pic our dealer sent us:

We are also glad to have ordered our MINI when we did. I didn't want the Nav XL either. We selected the loaded package instead of the fully loaded. Couldn't see spending the money. We plan to use an iPhone 6 with a dash mounted holder for navigation. That way we can use Yelp with all our bookmarks. We will use a converted iPhone 4 to iPod in the armrest with a snap-in adapter. It will be used strictly for music. Our salesman said he could have everything installed by the time we arrived to pick up our MINI.

If anyone is interested in a dash mounted iPhone in their MINI our salesman suggested these links. I apologize for not being able to figure out how to insert a hyperlink for the following websites, You'll just have to copy and paste. So sorry!:

ProClip USA Angled Mount # 855010-13369 ($29.99 + S&H)

I'd like the passenger to be able to see the mounted iPhone screen from their seat. Therefore, we will want to have tilt & swivel capabilities. It would also be good to have a black instead of a white cable that could stay attached to the holder and the USB port when the phone is removed. We also wish to be able to keep a case on the phone. Therefore, the holder we wish to use is the following:

ProClip Holder # 521666-19733 ($89.99 + S&H)

Here is a link for different holder configurations:

Car Phone Holders and Dashboard Phone Mounts*-*ProClip USA
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