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Hey everyone, so my local mini dealer wants to buy my 2019 Mini Cooper S and states that most likely I have equity in my lease.

They have some great lease specials on 2021 BMW 228i’s. I’m considering getting my car appraised and using whatever equity I have to put down on the new BMW. I’ve been trying to research and it seems as though the 228i Gran Coupe has the exact same engine the B48 as the JCW. The gran coupe has 228 hp and 258 pounds of torque, yet the JCW has 228 hp and 236 pounds of Torque. Both have an eight speed transmission, not the ZF, are these identical power trains with the 228 I just boosted a little bit in the torque? I haven’t been able to find any articles comparing the two engines.

I just had this 228I non X Drive as a loaner for a few days, and it felt wicked quick, there was definitely a lot of torque steer though and wheel spin and this car only had 250 miles on it lol say what you want about the styling I think it looks great in person and the car feels very sporty and solid👌

*Service loaner had stock 17’s which look rather small, would definitely get the rims that are on this gray one👌
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