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Convex Mirror Glass Upgrade:

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After dealing with a small chip on the passenger side mirror for a while I decided to replace the glass.

I thought about replacing it with the US version but ended up purchasing the UK version.

Two reasons for the UK version:

: Wanted a larger field of view. The US passenger side mirror is slightly convex but the UK version has a larger curve (driver side in the UK)

: I’m not a big fan of the text “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” on the glass.

Purchase and Part Numbers:


I was able to get a VIN from a UK F56, searched Real OEM and got the part numbers.

: Right Side: 51167366040
: Left Side: 51167366041

Seattle MINI was able to locate the right side part in the US, within a week it was at my door.

The left side part was the hardest to locate.
MINI’s US Part Department system did not recognize the part number.

Lloyd Carlisle BMW-MINI in the UK has an eBay store and had the part in-stock. Within two weeks it was at my door.


It took well under four minutes for each side. That includes removal, connecting the wires for the heating element and installation.

I understand some say the wires are interchangeable but I had two different color wires.

Top wire was white and bottom wire was black so that’s the way I inserted them into the new parts.

Impressions and Conclusion:

: OEM build quality and fitment are top-notch

: Field of View while driving is absolutely incredible and makes a big difference

: It took about twenty minutes to get used to them while driving and especially while backing up

Overall, they are a very nice upgrade and offer an additional layer of safety while driving (y)

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Lol we were just discussing this (tangentially) in the InsideEVs SE forum. LCI+ North American F56es don’t have auto-dimming on the passenger side, but it is possible to fit the module from a pre-LCI car, and get the dimming glass. Apparently it’s almost plug-&-play (needs the heat wire to be cut and re-soldered), no coding needed. The Euro blindspot mirrors (from ECS etc) both have the Chromglass.
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