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Well, just like many of you, I am still waiting for my Cooper S ordered back in June. I'm frankly wondering (and I'm soliciting serious advice here)...
??? Should I take possession (when the car is actually released, who the heck knows when?) or should I tell the dealer to simply keep the car, take back my deposit, walk away, and then place an order for the JCW model that should be coming out soon?
I should note that my ordered S model is fully loaded. I mean every option under the sun (except the sunroof). So its sticker price at $36,000 is probably getting darn near that of the JCW.
JCW is base price $35,000 usually from my understanding... you added around $11K in options to the S model... how much do you think you'll be adding to the JCW if you switch? ;).. probably about the same cost in additional options... costing you maybe $46,000 ;)
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