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Cooper S performance figures

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Autocar have today published performance figures for the F56 Cooper S manual. Luckily I found their same test of the R56 Cooper S manual back in November 2006. Here are a couple of comparisons:

0-60mph: R56 - 7.1s, F56 - 6.9s
0-100mph: R56 - 18.5s, F56 - 17.1s
30-70mph: R56 - 6.5s, F56 - 5.9s
Standing quarter mile: R56 - 15.6s, F56 - 15.3s
Standing 1km: R56 - 28.3s, F56 - 27.5s
Weight as tested: R56 - 1173kg, F56 - 1265kg

Across the board the F56 is quicker (noticeable with in-gear times), more economical and quieter. Good stuff.
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