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Dashcams need to be connected to a switched live so they do not drain the battery... However, finding such a fuse can be tricky, especially with deeply recessed fuse boxes.

I've been looking around and found a very good post on NorhAmericanMotoring - Hardwiring in the F56 - North American Motoring

One of the members there used fuse F52 - and that fits with what I discovered when reading the technical documentation this morning.

This is based on my F54 Clubman, but I believe will be the same for all F5x and possibly the F60. It may even apply to some BMWs due to the shared platform.

It appears, if I am reading this correctly, that all the switched live fuses are attached to relay KL.15N.

This covers fuses F49-f60. So piggybacking off of any of these should give the desired results.

If you wanted to add a new fuse, and you have all the optional equipment loaded, then the only empty slot should be F57, as this is not used at all.

F495AElectrical exhaust flap
Control electronics for electric auxiliary heater 2
F505AEnvironmental air catalyst sensor
Radiator shutter drive unit
F515ABase plate fan
F525AElectrochromic interior rear view mirror
F535AAutomatic recirculated air control sensor
F545AElectromechanical power steering
F554AReversing camera
Camera-based driver assistance systems (up to 2015_06)
Parking assistant
F565ALongitudinal torque distribution
Vehicle Sound Generator (Hybrid)
F5810ASteering column switch cluster
F595ACamera-based driver assistance systems
F605AOptional extra system (SAS module - Active cruise control / Adaptive suspension)



I hope this is of use.

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I have installed a BlackVue dashcam with a PowerMagic kit.
F50 was empty, so I used that for switched live. And F38 was also empty. Used that one for permanent live.

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Thanks for posting, both. I am looking to install a Garmin parking mode cable that needs switched and permanent live.
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