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DAB Station Information

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Just taken delivery of '23 JCW. I have all the packs on it, Sat Nav etc.

In the DAB mode, I can't get the station information to display in any of the widget views on the centre console.

All I can see is "Heart 80's" and "Pop"

If I go to the saved stations presets, then it does actually show the full information, Artist and song playing, name of DJ etc. But this screen is the saved presets screen, and it doesn't show the map or car info etc.

I've tried searching and youtube etc, and although I seen some previous posts that had similar experiences, I didn't see a solution.

Am I missing something in settings or otherwise.

Thanks in advance..

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Don't think you can get station info on the main screen when it shows three widgets.
Best I've been able to do is to have split screen mode enabled with, for example, map on left and station info on right.
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