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Hi all,

Has anybody fitted a dashcam to their MINI? Any recommendations on the brand, fitting etc.

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I have a Blackvue DR300G (probably a newer version is now available) which I have used for a number of years and moved over to my Mini when I got it last year.

It is mounted to the screen beside the mirror using an adhesive pad and is unobtrusive and has worked flawlessly. Easily removed with the push of one release button.

It is powered from the 12v socket and the cable is easily led round the windscreen behind the trim up to where the camera is.

A very useful piece of kit, should it be necessary for insurance or legal reasons.
It is very simple to poke the wire behind the headlining and pillar trim. I did not need to take any trim off or unclip it. Just be sure your hands are clean, and the cable of course, you don't want marks on the trim pieces.

The easiest and safest wiring method is to use the built in 12v socket. It is fused and ignition controlled, which is ideal unless you want to use a "park cam" which monitors the car when parked, then you need permanent power.

My camera only operates with the ignition on, which suits me.
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In my case I ran the cable, quite thin wire actually, down the A pillar to the dash level then I pulled back the vertical rubber door seal on the A post and fed the wire down behind it, then along under the seal along the bottom of the door opening towards the drivers seat, then across the floor under the mats to the centre console and then forward and up to the 12v socket.

Only the last bit that goes to the socket is noticeable really, and none of it is permanent and can be easily removed if required.

Hope that makes sense!
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