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Default Tyres

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I was curious as I didn't specify Run Flats or Non Run Flats at order what is the default Tyre type the F56 ships with?


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I had Run Flats on my previous R56 Cooper. They were great... but cost £50 more each when needing replacement. Not much negotiating power. Kind of take it or leave it.

And, no matter where I took it, the tyre people said they might make marks on the rims, as they are such a pain in the a** to fit. One tyre place simply refused to do it, as they had experienced so much grief from owners who'd had their wheels damaged in the past.

So my F56 Cooper S has standard tyres. These are fine - still bumpy enough, very grippy, not much noise! The car comes with a compressor and some blow-up foam stuff. Never had to try this foam yet. But then again, I never had to rely on the run flats in 4 years of ownership.
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