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Default Tyres

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I was curious as I didn't specify Run Flats or Non Run Flats at order what is the default Tyre type the F56 ships with?


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Run flats are optional extras ie you pay extra for them so you will probably get std tyres. Mine are Dunlop and superbly quiet. Love them. Actually didn't want run flatss.
Together with an unforgiving ride and poor replacement availability at much higher cost....

Sorry to reveal the truth, but the only thing my brother dislikes on his previously owned Mini Cooper is the run flat tyre option.

I specified my F56 Mini Cooper with 16" wheels and am 100% happy with the ride/appearance/performance trade-off.
Totally agree M I had run flats on my r56 s, hated them. Can of mousse, fine by me, if it's worse ill call out the break down service rather than risk my life with a change.spare is £65 I think , and not bad value.
True angib, and similarly even if you can change a tyre consider is it really safe to do so.? The way people drive these days I think it quite risky unless you have found a good laybye or car park.they just don't seem to care. Quite frightening on a bicycle worse kneeling down on the roadside
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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