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Defective split-door lock behavior?

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Hi all.

We made an unpleasant discovery today on our 2013 Clubman. After using the remote to open the rear doors, the bag containing the key was inadvertently loaded into the rear cargo area along with a large dog.

But when we went to retrieve it, we couldn't. The rear doors were inexplicably locked. With the temperature in the car rapidly escalating, we had to smash the side widow out.

Anybody else experience this phenomenon?
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Same happend to a friend of mine '18 countryman. He was ready to smash the window but before doing this lethal strike he dropped me a call and asked if I have any idea how to unlock it. He had forgot the app but fortunately he had already paired it so with the app he was able to unlock the car and retrieve the keys.

Unfortunately the app is available for cars made after 2018 so probably its a bad antenna design or low remote battery which leads to weaker signal.

Tltr: app saves smashed windows :)
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