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Deleting music from the car hard drive?

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Hi Folks,

I loaded up a USB drive and put its contents in the car - I think I read somewhere it was a 20gb internal HD? It certainly didnt load all the music on the USB though, not sure why.....anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew how to delete the internal HD music contents? I sat in the car and went through all the manuals and had a good peek around the onboard computer/dashboard but I didnt come accross any options to delete.

Thanks in advance.
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Just read your post. Sorry can't help but just wanted to say that I've owner my car for 3 weeks and only found out yesterday that it had a hard drive and you could actually upload your music to it. So much to learn.

BTW welcome
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Select 'media' on your joystick/console, then move the joystick to the right to get to options. Scroll down to manage music collection.
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Sorted! Thanks very much lawro....
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Yup I've managed to upload from my IMac via USB to the Hard Drive & it's wonderful but …

On the manage music collection option will a selected track be deleted OR will the uploaded USB set be deleted in entirety ?.
Just want to clear out a few duplicated items & not the lot.
Hey Ho , lots to learn but in reality the F56 is fantastic.
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How can I check how many space I still have on my hard drive?
I think that's in the 'manage music options list too, but sold my f56 and now manage with usb in our f54!
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