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Despatch to Dealer

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Hi All,

Just got a call from the dealer saying that my Mini is being despatched today to them.
I believe the it has gone form Oxford to Southampton already? then I guess on to Gatwick (Vines)

Can anyone confirm this correct? How long this takes? is it normal?

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Factory to dealer seems to be quite variable and up to two weeks. My dealer wasn't sure until a couple of days before... and even then it was "we expect it on Thursday". He said they get about ten cars in each delivery... so it must be all go when they arrive.

I'm sure mini could make a bit extra by charging for next day and tracked delivery... at the moment it's more like the second class post :)

And it might go via a distribution centre... or it might not.
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It's the same here minissy... my dealer learned about the BMW VIN check from me, along with the mini driver's guide app and the location of the spare wheel :)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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