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Despatch to Dealer

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Hi All,

Just got a call from the dealer saying that my Mini is being despatched today to them.
I believe the it has gone form Oxford to Southampton already? then I guess on to Gatwick (Vines)

Can anyone confirm this correct? How long this takes? is it normal?

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Hi Michael,

The export cars go onto the train from the factory.

Time from factory to dealer for UK cars is quoted at 10 days.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the information, I'm waiting for mine which I bought in Luxembourg, and the status follows the BMW codes below.
My car's at code 193 and I am praying for it to reach the dealer in 10 to 15 days. Imput greatly appreciated Steve :)

BMW Status Codes.

037 – Order received by BMW NA
087 – Production Week Assigned
097 – Order Sent to BMW AG
111 – Order Accepted at BMW AG
112 – Order Scheduled for Production
150 – Production Started
151 – Body Shop Started
152 – Paint Shop Started
153 – Assembly Started
155 – Production Completed (Your baby has been born!)
160 – Released to Distribution
180 – Waiting for Export
193 – Arrived at the Port of Exit
194 – Selected for Shipment
195 – Shipped from Port of Exit
196 – Shipment Arrival/ ETA to Dealer
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Looks like I will have to sit and just wait for the call then! Currently 9 days late....
Does the car still have the same status?
they don't all go through the distribution centres. I had a call from my dealer on the monday to say the car was built & it was with them the next day
How lucky :)

I'm getting impatient... I called the dealer (they never call to give you any feedback or anything) for the status code of my MINI and I was the one who basically told them when the car was built, they didn't even know... I even sent the BMW VIN decoder link :eek: I don't want to sound too old schoolish, but is customer service on vacation? I just don't understand how you can't follow-up yourself on a client?

It's frustrating :|
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