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Hi there
i thought id add my experience of adding the portable satnav to my mini cooper sd f56

i purchased the official components from mini for the mounting kit, and i got these online at bowker lifestyle, which is a mini/bmw dealer.

there was no way i was going to pay a mini mechanic to fit this, and charge me 200 labor, this looked like
a really easy job, and it was, it took me less than an hour.

Now just to add, im a very experienced diy mechanic, and an electrical/electronics engineer by trade, so if you are thinking of following my example, please take your own experience into consideration.

you need two components to do this,

1 mini click and drive system, navigation base carrier
2: mini click and drive system navigation portable xl holder.
both come to 118.99 including delivery.

to fit.

1: make sure car is switched off.
2: using a torx screwdriver remove the two screws either side of the bottom of the speedo.
the speedo then slides off its metal bracket and using a screwdriver push the clasp and turn to
pull out the plug.
3: line up the unit against the back of the speedo, and you will see what two screws to remove from the back of the speedo, these are just philips.
4: put the unit into place and add the two provided torx screws.
5: cut the cable ties from around the cigar lighter in the center of the lead, pull out the usb plug, and then feed this threw the hole behind the speedo so it drops down around the clutch peddle, for RHD regions.
if you are a LHD region, then do the opposite, and drop it down the side that the accelerator peddle is on.
6: plug the speedo back in, and put its screws back in, and tighten up.
7: take the panel off the side that you drive on from the center console, the screw is up by the clutch or accelerator peddles.
8: pries out the usb/audio panel that surrounds the cigarette lighter with a soft flat plastic thing, like a spatula. using a screwdriver removes small chunks from the plastic.

the wire then goes to the back of the cig lighter has three wires in it. two are brown and one is red with a yellow stripe. you need to ignore the thin brown wire than goes off somewhere else into a plastic white connector, and then using pliers tease off the cloth wrap from around the bit that goes to the cig lighter. you dont have much room to play with, and dont remove it from the back of the cig lighter you will have a difficult job getting it back on.
there's just enough room, to expose the red/yellow and thick brown wire for the crimp to go on.
i am choosing the cig lighter as a point of connection, because the alternative for the sat nav would be a cig lighter extension with multiple plugs in it.

9: feed the supplied cig lighter extension into the side threw the hole, in the front so that you can connect the black wire to the red/yellow, and the brown wire to the thick brown wire.
use pliers to force the crimp blocks into place to clamp both the loom wires and the cig lighter extension wires into place.use insulation tape to wrap the crimps thoroughly.

10 put back the usb/audio panel.
11: feed the cig lighter extension up the side and use the supplied tie wraps to tie it to other wires going towards the front of the car, so that it comes out at the back of the kick plate when you put it back, new the light.
12: under the dash there is a metal bracket that sticks out. near the center console. put the usb lead into the cig lighter extension, and using the cradle, and the tie wraps, fix the round barrel of the cig lighter to the
metal bracket.
13: finally using tie wraps loose the excess cable under the dash, just above where the barrel is attached.
14: switch on the ignition, set the clock, as it will have reset to zero.

now you can fit any garmin off the shelf that has the same bracket fitting. All garmin nuvies have the ball and socket other garmins may have the same.
but i stuck with the 2497LM, i just did not buy it from bmw.

regards peter

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sorry about any typos, but i did not realize i only had ten mins to fix them.
on reflection my rhd and lhd might be the wrong way around, im referring to which side the steering wheel is
on, not which side of the road you drive.regards peter
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