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I found out today that my new Mini (Status 1200 earlier this week) & due to be built next week, has inexplicably slipped back to status 1100.

I'm really not happy about this.

I did some searching online and found a pre registered Mini, with similar spec (different colour, no VDC, but with additional Panoramic Sunroof & Comfort Access), so I sent the ad to my dealer and threatened to pull out of the deal and buy that one.

Cue a major panic by my sales rep and a call to her Manager, who has now emailed Munich to demand an explanation and try to get the build date returned to next week.

I'm expecting a (satisfactory) reply tomorrow!

Not happy!
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Hoping you get a good result tomorrow Andy. You know how I feel about it. If I was closer I'd be marching on Park Lane and kicking butt for you!!
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Go for the orange Andy

Heard good things

I haven't!!!! ;)
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You'll have to ask Milo!
I'd be much happier if this came with my car!

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No, you'd still bother us from over there LOL >:D
Is it true that you can see a Volcanic Orange Mini Cooper from the space station?!!!!!:nerd:
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I sent an enquiry yesterday about the better spec one, left all my contact details, home, mobile, email etc. No one has got back to I think I'll stick with the original order.

They did push it through for me after all.....and I appreciate that.

Should have changed the colour & added a sunroof when it slipped back to 1100......oh well never mind.

Summer will be over in 2 weeks anyway!
I reckon they should add the sunroof and change colour just to make up for the heart attack they gave you yesterday!
Just spoken to my dealer and mine has been put back now. Was due for build week 28 (next week?), for week 30 delivery. Now saying week 34 (not sure if this is build or delivery), no explaination as to why or what's going on! Ordered 2nd week of April, so that'll be 4 months, asuming no further delays.
That's strange, I ordered may 1st with a massive spec and it will be delivered on the 14th July, collecting a week later. I'd challenge them on the delay and see if they can sweeten it for you.
I've been told it's due to the black roof. Going to call MINI later, hoping to get mre joy there. Feel a little for the dealer as ultimately not there fault. MiloMini what colour comb have you got?
I have gone for Deep Blue Body with black roof and black mirror caps.
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That should say combo, I have no real interest in you hair styling appliances!
well as you kindly asked I use a cheeky little wax number on my hair!!!!!!!!!
Milo, when did you last have an update from your dealer? Two days ago they were saying all okay for week 30 (21st July), today get told week 34!
Hi Nick, sorry for delay been in meetings. I spoke to my dealer yesterday and confirmed delivery etc. I booked my train tickets last night (have a 220 mile trip to collect).

I would seriously call them tomorrow and threaten to pull out it will scare them and make them answer some questions.
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It's not getting any better is it!! I phoned my dealer yesterday asking to speak with the salesman for an update, he was 'busy' with a customer and would call me back..... Guess what? No call back, so I tried again this morning where I was told he was 'busy' and would call me back. Four hours later still no call, so I ring again, he's busy again!! But will call me back..........

Still waiting now :mad: ridiculous! I'm so close to cancelling my order just off of the back of this apparent disregard for customers.
I was talking to Andy earlier and mentioned this, can't understand why dealers don't get in touch with customers or new prospects. Going to pitch to MINI that I go around the country showing them how to respond to emails and calls! There's no excuse and I fear threatening to cancel is the only thing that grabs their attention. Call them tomorrow and when he/she's busy leave a message saying if they don't reply in an hour you are pulling out. Bet you get a call.
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Thing is though Milo and I'm not kidding

They couldn't care less well most of them. And I'm not saying that because I want to stand out from the crowd it's simply because they don't care

You or me or anyone cancels thanks very much someone else will just come in and take the slot

It's very true of my experience with Audi and it's nothing less with anyone else

It happened to my friend too who's loaded when he got himself a top of the range, range rover fully kitted out - that is until they found out that his money talks for him they were as nice as they come

Shame really - I appreciate what Cameron was saying earlier on but if we were really to start talking about how we have been dealt with a lot us wouldn't be very happy overall

I just think it's the sign of the times - as long as something does sell itself like Mini then most of the time manners and respect are out of the door. One might argue that shouldn't be but that's how it is - my neighbour who has a Renault is having the same problem and with all due respect BMW/Mini and Renault are two worlds apart

Or are they?
no totally agree with what you are saying, Cameron's post was a great one earlier. I've got a dealer who is always there if I call or does get back to me if I leave a message so I've been lucky. That said and this is just me I guess I do feel as if I'm a burden sometimes - enthusiasm - and have scaled back my calls to one every 10 days.

Maybe I shouldn't feel like that but given how much I'm spending - and others I'd expect to be kept in the loop and called if I've requested a call back. I've never been nasty - not in my nature - and I agree with Cameron treat people as you expect to be treated.

I should add a caveat (that the correct word?!) to my earlier post - only threaten to pull out if you are willing to go through with it!

The thing with Mini though - they know they have a brand that will sell. Difficult situation.
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