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Drill-less mounting options?

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Taking delivery of my car in december. Told the dealer I did NOT want holes drilled and I wanted to find a drill less option.

Looked on amazon and found one, but it says it WON'T fit F56. Anyone know if this is true? Anyone know of an option out there that isn't $85?
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I think a little more info is required, about what is going to be fitted without drilling holes....a Polaris missile launcher perhaps!

Sorry about that.
It is a license plate holder.
Aha. I would think you'd be able to use those sticky mirror pads. Think there are predefined holes in the bumper though there with small plastic inserts????(saw them on a bmw 1 but can't be sure 're mini)but you're only drilling the plastic
Here's an example of what I was looking at

Does it really vary that much between model years?
Where is the tow hook socket located on the f56?

I'm not what part of the world your in. In the US there are a number of pieces made that screw into the front tow hook port so you will not have to drill
I am purchasing this car overseas (Italy), but it's a US spec vehicle. If that helps at all.
It looks like the manufacturer's website has the updated kit.

GMG Motorsports

Thanks for bringing up this subject!

Awesomeness! They have the europlate mount too!

Thanks for the help, and sorry about the simplicity of this issue:|
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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